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1. Negotiating NFTs for Athletes

“It’s better to be last to be good than first to be bad.”

-David Herrmann, social media expert

While non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”) in the form of collectible digital artwork are a hot commodity, my advice is not to rush to ink the first deal put in front of your athlete client. Here’s why in what is admittedly not a legal treatise but rather a dealmaker’s tip sheet.

Tags: NFT, Patrick Mahomes, NFL, Golden State Warriors, Washington Football Team, New Jersey Devils, Rob Gronkowski
By Jerome Fogel, Partner, Fogel & Potamianos LLP
2. Dwayne Haskins Early Career and Release

When Dwayne Haskins was drafted 15th overall by the Washington Football Team (“WFT”), the former Ohio State standout was expected to make a big impact.

Tags: Football, Washington Football Team, NFL, Dwayne Haskins
By Johnathan Nucci, 2L at Penn State Law and President of the Sports and Entertainment Law Society

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