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1. Peeling Back the Onion: Sports Production During a Pandemic

SLA Member Submission:

As we move through the COVID 19 pandemic our sports world has been put on hold.  Clearly without widespread testing, especially, and the reality of asymptomatic carriers, one must ask when is the right time?  I am not talking about the granular issues related to the science, but some practical concerns that those who have never sat in a production truck might not understand

Tags: COVID-19, Pandemic, Live Broadcasting, Unions, Collective Bargaining
By Bobby Hacker
2. Florida Deems Professional Sports an Essential Service: What This Could Mean for The Return of Sports

SLA  Law Student Member Submission:

Rumors are swirling on when sports leagues will return to action. The most recent attempt by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fell short. Last week, UFC’s Dana White stated he was in the process of buying a private island to hold UFC events.

Tags: COVID-19, WWE, UFC, NFL, NHA, NBS, MLS, ESPN Governor DeSantis, Pandemic
By Dylan Harriger

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