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1. Key Sports Law Legislation: College Athletes Rights

California, Maryland, and Washington have all introduced legislation that would bolster the economic and labor rights of college athletes in those states -- and perhaps create conflict with NCAA rules in the process.

Tags: California, Washington, Maryland, Northwestern football, Ramogi Huma, Nancy Skinner, Drew Stokesbary, Brooke Lierman, Jordan McNair, NCAA
2. Sports Law Development of the Week: NCAA Show-Cause Order Issued to Former USC Coach Todd McNair Declared Illegal by California Judge

In the latest saga in the long-running Todd McNair matter, a Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge has found NCAA show-cause orders, which in McNair's case restricted his ability to recruit, to be illegal under California law. 

Tags: Todd McNair, NCAA, Frederick Shaller, California, show-cause order, Reggie Bush, USC

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