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1. Are NFTs Securities? Examining the Ongoing Dapper Labs 'NBA Topshot' Case

The astronomical rise and downfall of Non-Fungible Tokens ("NFTs") have led to many legal uncertainties surrounding these blockchain-based digital assets. While some leagues, teams, and players have launched their own NFT projects to enhance the fan experience, such as digital commemorative tickets or access to fan communities, a few NFT projects have been caught in the legal crossfire. One of those companies tied up in a lawsuit is Dapper Labs, which has licensing deals with the NBA, NFL, and UFC. Read more about Dapper Labs' NBA Top Shot lawsuit here. 

Tags: NFTs, Token, The Dapper Labs, Cyptocurrency, NBA, UFC, Blockchain
By Josh Goldberg, SLA Next Gen Committee Member
2. Florida Deems Professional Sports an Essential Service: What This Could Mean for The Return of Sports

SLA  Law Student Member Submission:

Rumors are swirling on when sports leagues will return to action. The most recent attempt by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fell short. Last week, UFC’s Dana White stated he was in the process of buying a private island to hold UFC events.

Tags: COVID-19, WWE, UFC, NFL, NHA, NBS, MLS, ESPN Governor DeSantis, Pandemic
By Dylan Harriger

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