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1. NCAA First Ever NIL-Era Sanctions

February 2023: the month in which we celebrated Black History; the month of love; and the month in which the National Collegiate Athletic Association (“NCAA”) issued its first-ever penalties for name, image, and likeness (“NIL”) violations. Ten (10) months since the inception of the Interim NIL Policy, the NCAA found that the head coach of the University of Miami, Florida (hereinafter, “Miami”) women's basketball team violated the NCAA rules by facilitating impermissible contact between two team prospects and a booster, as well as violating regulations on publicity before signing. The NCAA determined that there were violations as it relates to the rules on a head coach’s responsibility.

Tags: NIL, NCAA, College Athletes
By Maria Aiello, SLA Next Gen Committee Member
2. Profiting from Student-Athletes' Biometric Data and the Legal Landscape

Athlete biometric data refers to an athlete's physical or physiological characteristics, such as heart rate, body temperature, or sleep patterns. The aggregation and measurements of athlete biometric data can be extremely valuable for various purposes, including improving an athlete's performance and detecting oncoming injuries. Wearable technologies provide valuable insights to student-athletes and coaches, who can track student-athlete performance through smartwatches, sensors, and other equipment.

Tags: Athlete Biometrics, NIL, NCAA, CPRA, BIPA
By Raul J. Muniz, SLA Member
3. Dear College Sports:

Boy did I love you.  Regional play with long-standing rivalries.  Home and away with conference games that did not burden athletes with the long travel that could, heaven forbid, impact studies, (and bowl games don’t count!).   Alas, that is fast becoming a memory as the Pac 12 (let alone Pac 10 or my beloved Pac 8) has an expiration date as UCLA and USC announced that as of ’24 they are both off to the Big Ten.  One can only surmise that the logistics and stresses of East Coast games are all worth the bigger payday for being a part of the Big Ten.  Cynical?  Absolutely.

Tags: college sports, power 5, NIL, NCAA, Pac10
By Bobby Hacker, Robert A. Hacker, Attorney at Law and Sports Media Consulting
4. The Media and NIL

As we read about the flurry of collegiate NIL proposals, whether from California that led with the first legislation, (and which is currently being revised), or Florida that will, in theory, be the first law to actually go into the defect, or various forms of proposed NCAA or national legislation, the impact on the broadcasters gets almost no attention.

Tags: NIL, NCAA, NLRA, O'Bannon
By Bobby Hacker, SLA Board Member, Attorney at Law and Sports Media Consultant
5. The Future of NCAA Name, Image & Likeness Legislation

As it stands now, 26 states representing 69% of the United States population have passed or are drafting state legislation surrounding Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) pertaining to NCAA Student Athletes.

By Dylan Harriger, Franklin Pierce School of Law, University of New Hampshire

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