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1. Can the NCAA Justify Playing Games Without Fans?
SLA Law Student Member Submission:
Can the NCAA Justify Playing Games Without Fans? The question of whether to compensate college athletes has been a hot topic for many years. Given the COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainty surrounding college athletics, the question has resurfaced with new implications. Opponents argue that college athletes are amateurs. 
Tags: COVID-19, ncaa
By John Nucci, Penn State Law and President of the Sports and Entertainment Law Society
2. The Future of NCAA Name, Image & Likeness Legislation

As it stands now, 26 states representing 69% of the United States population have passed or are drafting state legislation surrounding Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) pertaining to NCAA Student Athletes.

By Dylan Harriger, Franklin Pierce School of Law, University of New Hampshire
3. Key Sports Law Legislation: College Athletes Rights

California, Maryland, and Washington have all introduced legislation that would bolster the economic and labor rights of college athletes in those states -- and perhaps create conflict with NCAA rules in the process.

Tags: California, Washington, Maryland, Northwestern football, Ramogi Huma, Nancy Skinner, Drew Stokesbary, Brooke Lierman, Jordan McNair, NCAA
4. Analysis: DJ Durkin's Future at Maryland

Maryland football coach DJ Durkin has been on administrative leave since an August media report detailed the "toxic culture" inside the school's football program. In light of the program's recent turmoil, how will Durkin's employment status be resolved?

Tags: Maryland, DJ Durkin, NCAA, Jordan McNair, Rod Walters, Wes Robinson, Craig Nordwall, Rick Court
5. Analysis: The Latest FLSA Case Against the NCAA Has Gone Further Than Any of its Predecessors

Lawrence "Poppy" Livers' FLSA claims against Villanova and the NCAA have reached the discovery phase of litigation, putting him a step closer to victory than any other college athlete pressing similar claims.

Tags: NCAA, Fair Labor Standards Act, Lawrence Livers, Michael Baylson, federal court, discovery, employee
6. Sports Law Development of the Week: NCAA Show-Cause Order Issued to Former USC Coach Todd McNair Declared Illegal by California Judge

In the latest saga in the long-running Todd McNair matter, a Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge has found NCAA show-cause orders, which in McNair's case restricted his ability to recruit, to be illegal under California law. 

Tags: Todd McNair, NCAA, Frederick Shaller, California, show-cause order, Reggie Bush, USC
7. Sports Law Development of the Week: NCAA Clears Michigan State of Violations in Nassar Case

Michigan State has, for now, been cleared of any NCAA violations for its role in the Larry Nassar scandal and for its alleged mishandling of sexual assault complaints against its athletes.

Tags: michigan state, ncaa, Larry Nassar, Oliver Luck, Jonathan Duncan, Bill Beekman, Mark Hollis
8. Analysis: Can Ohio State Fire Urban Meyer For Cause?

Ohio State head football coach Urban Meyer has come under fire for his handling of domestic violence and stalking allegations against his former assistant coach. Under his contract, Meyer could be fired for cause and face other legal consequences for his role in this growing scandal.

Tags: Urban Meyer, Ohio State, Zach Smith, Courtney Smith, Brett McMurphy, Contracts, NCAA, Title IX, for cause, sexual misconduct
9. Sports Law Development of the Week: Seventh Circuit Deals Another Blow to NCAA Transfer Rule Challenge

The Seventh Circuit's ruling in Deppe is the latest setback for athletes attempting to invalidate the NCAA's rules restricting their ability to freely transfer between institutions.

Tags: NCAA, Peter Deppe, Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro, Seventh Circuit, O'Bannon v. NCAA, NCAA v. Board of Regents, Agnew v. NCAA, amateurism, transfer rules
10. Sports Law Development of the Week: Skechers Sues Adidas Over Involvement in FBI-NCAA Probe

Skechers hits Adidas with unfair competition and false advertised charges in a complaint filed in California federal court. This is just the latest legal feud between the two footwear industry rivals.

Tags: Skechers, Adidas, NCAA, FBI, Lanham Act, Business Law, Unfair Competition, False Advertising, Federal Trade Commission

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